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Waterjet Cutting of G-10 for Equipment Manufacturer

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Waterjet Cutting of G-10 for Equipment Manufacturer
Waterjet Finger for Production Equipment Manufacturer
Waterjet Cutting of G-10 for Equipment Manufacturer
  Contracted by an equipment manufacturer to produce fingers, we were able to create superior products using our advanced waterjet cutting machinery. Providing a (+/-) .005 inch tolerance, we manufactured precision waterjet fingers of variable lengths that measured .5 inches in thickness.  And, by using waterjet cutting technology to custom-build the customer's products, we were able to meet exact client requirements while saving the manufacturer $1000 over more traditional machining processes.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Waterjet Cutting
Is it possible to machine this part? Yes, but waterjet cutting is more cost effective
Savings with Waterjet Cutting vs. machining $1000.00
Tightest Tolerance +/- 0.005 inches
Material Thickness ½ inch
Product Length variable
Product Width 3 inches
Cutting Method Waterjet Cutting
Base Material G-10

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