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Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Semiconductor Industry

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Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Semiconductor Industry
Laser Cutting & CNC Forming of Steel & Aluminum for the Semiconductor Industry
Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Semiconductor Industry

Using both precision laser cutting and CNC forming processes, we recently produced several sheet metal components for a client in the semiconductor industry. This project called for the use of various thicknesses, including 11 ga and 10 ga of both steel and aluminum.

Our sophisticated laser technology allowed us to cut blanks with precise edge finishes and accurate and consistent hole placement, while our feature-rich CNC forming equipment enabled fast setup for the bend sequences and rapid tooling changeover to accommodate the transition from steel to aluminum production. The precise operation of our computer driven equipment enabled us to uniformly uphold ±.010” tolerances throughout the entire production run.

Our dedication to excellence in manufacturing allowed us to deliver these high quality parts to the client in an industry with very demanding expectations. We completed the project within a narrow timeframe and at an exceptionally favorable cost.

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Applied Processes Laser Cutting, CNC Forming
Tightest Tolerance +/- 0.010"
Material Thickness Various - 11ga, 10ga
Base Material Steel, Aluminum

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